charcoal meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
charcoal meaning in tamil is கரித்துண்டு

charcoal meaning in tamil with example

charcoal tamil meaning and more example for charcoal will be given in tamil.
Vigorous trials Among others we will be using zerovalent iron limestone charcoal and layers of sand in the barrier to be set up in the path of the nala flowing down from the lake he says. Having experimented in more than just one medium there are works in pencil oil and even charcoal at the exhibition. There is a diversity of media like Ajis charcoal on paper Rejis dry pastel on paper Rajans acrylic on canvas or Jungermans installation and collages. Though the present works in charcoal appears darker than his luminous watercolours it is the presence of light that characterises these drawings. The more than 20odd works in mixed media on view included pencil and charcoal drawings oils and watercolours. People throwing glowing charcoal over one another during the Kalmeshwar Jatra at Beeravalli village on Tuesday as part of the Kendadokuli ritual. This year Kendadokuli began around 5.30 a.m. on Tuesday immediately after a few fistfuls of glowing charcoal were poured over the heads of two elders of the village. More than 100 devotees went round the Kalmeshwar temple several times picking up fistfuls of glowing charcoal and throwing it over those who had gathered for the jatra. The villagers believe that if one takes part in Kendadokuli with good intentions and faith in the Almighty even burning charcoal becomes mallige jasmine. Even if one receives burns the wound heals quickly if charcoal is applied to the affected area they say. On their way back home they collect pieces of charcoal as they believe that applying charcoal powder on their foreheads will protect them from evil spirits.