button meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
button meaning in tamil is பித்தான், விசை

button meaning in tamil with example

button tamil meaning and more example for button will be given in tamil.
The vendor mistook whiskers of prawns for some wires and pressed the panic button saying it could be a bomb police said. Panic button First PCB pressed the panic button fearing Indian batting and swing bowling. For instance if The HolyIndia website is your preferred choice for news and archives search you can add a button that will allow you to search for specific terms on The HolyIndia website only without visiting the site. All you have to do is rightclick on the search box in The HolyIndia website and choose Generate custom search to add a custom search button to your toolbar. Say you are reading an interesting article about M.S. Dhoni on a website and want to send it to your friend you just click on the Send To... button and sign in to your gmail account to send the whole article pictures and all. The Quick Tab button shows you a thumbnail image of each tab you have opened in the window and you can view a tab by just clicking on the thumbnail. The nice thing about IE 7 is the ability to add and manage bookmarks and feeds from a button next to the Favorites Center. If you are uncomfortable working in the small box at such an inconvenient location on the screen just press the Popout button on the right bottom of the chat box and you will get a window which you can resize and move anywhere on the screen. P.S. Shankar who has won the B.C. Roy Award and teaches medicine has said there is no need to push the panic button in tackling bird flu. The authorities have pressed the panic button as the city seems heading for an acute shortage of water and power during the upcoming summer months.