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Covert operations to locate and destroy Lashkar command bunkers hidden in the hills are being considered sources said but can only be initiated in the spring. The newlydeveloped weapons by the OFT Tiruchi on display included Vidhwansak The Destroyer 12.7mm14.5mm20mm used for destroying bunkers even at a distance of 2000m. This is deep inside the wellguarded Green Zone but if mortar rounds start to fall as you walk or drive by these pygmy bunkers are where you and up to 10 persons can squeeze in and crouch until the coast is clear. Vijay was one up on the 16th when he hit one of the two right bunkers from the centre of the fairway of the dogleg hole. The Prime Ministers Special Protection Group took control of the venue while security forces maintained a vigil with barricades of bulletproof bunkers every 100 metres. The BSF sounded an alert and dug bunkers along the Telkupi frontier in Shibganj upazilla of the district. Relying mainly on irons Woods used his driver only once in 72 holes 151 a strategy that forsook distance in favour of accuracy and kept the ball out of the roughs and bunkers in Hoylakes challenging links course. It said the Israelis needed these smart bombs to attack bunkers which they claimed Hizbollah leaders in Lebanon were using. There were reports that 60 armoured bulldozers had crossed the border to demolish Hizbollah bunkers and obstacles. On Monday Israeli army moved 60 armourplated bulldozers across the Lebanese border to destroy Hizbollah bunkers and posts.