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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bungalow meaning in tamil is சொகுசு வீடு, தனி வீடு

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In a statement here on Saturday the trade unions said the Railways had privatised many key sectors such as track maintenance parcel service box boy running bungalow and bed roll. With confidence instilled by my wife we went to a fishermen hamlet near coastline the next day where many destitute children were roaming without parents. I have a bungalow without children. Kusuma Dayakar Hanamkonda Will buy fresh air I will have all the woodwork of my bungalow made with sandalwood. He said the courts at the Chief Ministers sprawling bungalow were lying in disuse and had been renovated to promote outdoor game activities. On Saturday last Ms Singh had said that by charging her with grabbing a bungalow in Gonda which reportedly belonged to the PAC the PAC chief wanted to tarnish the image of her husband and become the next DGP. Singh said the bungalow in question belonged to her relative and the PAC had no legal claims over it. The alignment for this purpose has hit a roadblock at two pointsone at the church near the Commissioners bungalow and other at the temple. Be it the violators of the Lutyens Bungalow Zones or those in the Sainik Farms the law will catch up with all of them though the speed would be slow they added. The bungalow was built as part of the Commonwealth factory complex when the weaving unit was established by the Basel Mission in 1844 after it introduced the latest weaving and tile technology in Malabar to provide employment to converts. About 50 acres of land out of the 178 acres allotted to the Apparel Park the 11 acres of land earmarked for the IT Park opposite the Port Trust Chairmans Bungalow and the 25 acres of old prison site were involved in litigation.