bundle meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bundle meaning in tamil is கட்டு

bundle meaning in tamil with example

bundle tamil meaning and more example for bundle will be given in tamil.
On verification he found that a bundle of 532 ballot papers from a counting table had not been taken into account by oversight. The Returning Officer had announced the results even when the Congress had raised its objections for leaving a bundle of ballot papers unaccounted. But he returned with a bundle and presented it to the Mayor and Commissioner Chandrappa saying it had the missing files. Sand 800m Punjab Regiment Laxmikanth Bundle Of Roses Pavan Kumar 10 60044.5 40030. And its a very very big bundle of businesses 151 the biggest bundle one can imagine. So far Google has remained tightlipped about whether its video payment system will be the basis for other services. We expect this value bundle to enable many more consumers in Tamil Nadu to go for mobile telephony. Additional benefits For postpaid connection on paying Rs. Jallikattu which derives its name from the bundle of coins that used to be tied between the horns of the animal in the earlier forms of the sport is now a means for some easy cash and shortlived fame for the povertystricken local youth. Inderjit Chadha and Deepak Thakur lacked support in their attacks and the defence came apart in the second quarter with goalkeeper Kamal Deep being bundle of nerves. Ace in the pack The wicketkeeper batsman is a bundle of energy all right. Interesting booklets The programme promises a bundle of interesting activities for students interesting booklets and loads of fun all this to learn more about the environment. Cautious note In his presidential address Mar Athansaeus said that life for modern man had become a bundle of desires leading to jealousy and hatred that would ultimately lead to destruction.