bund meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bund meaning in tamil is கரை

bund meaning in tamil with example

bund tamil meaning and more example for bund will be given in tamil.
Sandbags The Corporation had stacked sandbags on the inside of the bund to strengthen it. However farmers in the area suggested that the bund should be given concrete lining to control erosion. Train services On the discontinuance of train services on the KakinadaKotipalli railway line he said it was due to the erosion of railway track bund at several stretches due to recent cyclonic rain. Since the Necklace road and Upper Tank Bund were closed revellers had to confine themselves to other main roads to exhibit their racing skills. During investigation the police found the severed torso from Thannermukkom Bund area and later the head from the lake area in Kochi. Anns Hospital American Hospital Labbipet has requested the irrigation authorities to permit them to set up an auto and rickshaw stand on Bandar canal bund nearby for the convenience of patients. Local residents allege that excavators had been used for removing earth from a bund set up in connection with the irrigation project. Twentysixyearold Rajani carrying her son Srikar was seen walking along the Ramanthapur tank bund near Uppal around 10.30 a.m. She was murmuring something to herself even as tears rolled down her face. The Public Works Department announced that the construction of a new bridge from the Bund Road to Attukal would commence next month. Official sources told mediapersons that under the scheme help would be extended to the people of SCST community to establish organic farms vermincompost pits contour bund and drip and sprinkler sets to augment their income generation capabilities.