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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bulb meaning in tamil is குமிழி, போன்ற உருவமுடைய விளக்கு)

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The example of a bulb glowing because of electricity is apt to understand the working of divine will in human life. Though the brilliance of each bulb maybe different they are all manifestations of the same electricity. At 2 around a.m. we heard one of the women sneeze and went in only to see the child engulfed in flames. RMO denies charge A 100 watt bulb fell on the babys face along with wires and burnt it. When the meeting began councillors Varadharaj and Saravanan squatted on the floor with empty plastic pot and hurricane lamp accusing the municipal administration of failing to streamline the water supply and replace the damaged bulb in streetlights. The first bulb was put to use at the Head Post Office traffic island on Friday though there was no official inauguration in view of the announcement of the election dates. On Monday he came to police station at 9 a.m. He removed the bulb from the tubelight in the main hall of the police station broke it and inflicted selfinjury with sharp edge of broken tube. Whenever the minitrain crosses the elevated portion of the track the bulb set up on the output side glows signalling production of electricity. Kalairajan pointed out that the Electricity Board did not allow additional electrical appliance in huts where the one bulb scheme was in use. While the Kaani tribesmen of Papanasam have for long been longing to see a glowing electric bulb in their huts their relatives living near the Petchipaarai dam in Kanyakumari district recently got power connection thanks to the efforts of Collector Sunil Paliwal.