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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
building meaning in tamil is கட்டிடம்

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building tamil meaning and more example for building will be given in tamil.
The new policy is however realistic enough to admit that the goals set five ... Responsible property investment The building sector has a big responsibility and role to play in combating global warming. With the construction of a new building for its consulate in Mumbai at a site given by the Government still pending Pakistan has rented a place in a residential complex. He said that the Cabinet went into the security lapse on the same institute premises when a Tibetan protestor raised slogans from atop a building during the visit of the Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao. said The building of the Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology which is referred to in the report is an IISc. One dental college was sanctioned about six years ago and part of the building was also constructed by the management at Batti Sawargaon village near Adilabad town. Fire safety norms and the National Building Code are likely to get their due in building regulations if discussions in higher echelons of the Government are anything to go by. It also means any building above 15 metres stilt plus ground plus five stories and above will be considered a multistoried building making it compulsory to obtain clearance from the Fire Service department. As per Government Order 423 any building more than 17.5 metres is considered a multistoried building. For some years now building permissions have been granted according to the GO issued in 1998 when NBC and Fire Services Act amended in 2002 had clearly stated that any building above 15 metres should get cleared by FS officials.