bucket meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bucket meaning in tamil is வாளி

bucket meaning in tamil with example

bucket tamil meaning and more example for bucket will be given in tamil.
Worker dies A daily wage worker died on the spot when an overloaded crane bucket fell on him in the Jalahalli police station limits on Sunday. Gravity which we take for granted here is achieved through the principle of swinging around a bucket full of water. Just like the water in a bucket does not spill when it is swung around people living in the spaceship will not fall out because it is in orbit explained Nikhil and Jesse Daniel Raj students from St. Muvattupuzha town where they were staying was shocked on hearing that Kannan drowned in a bucket full of water kept near his house at around 11.30 a.m. It is suspected that the infant got drowned while trying to retrieve his cap which had fallen in the bucket. Some of the other features include power steering with tilt adjustable steering wheel central locking adjustable bucket seats as well as a demisting feature and a wiper with a spoiler blade to work smoothly even during storms. The Chennekothapalli police in the district seized a bucket full of countrymade bombs from a wine shop belonging to Congress leader and former Manadal Parishad President Nanji Reddy at Chennekothapalli on Thursday. Today we tend to think by the bucket approach said C.R. Muthukrishnan of IITMadras at a seminar on Rethinking Management Education organised here on Friday. The seat belt actually holds you back and the real concept of the bucket seats comes in there he says. The galleries the apron at the base of the dam and the bucket portion of the spillway will also be improved.