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For enquiries contact Malligai Book Centre 2341739 Keestu Ganam 2340005 and Spring Bloom 2530825. A wide collection of roses and a variety of flowers in full bloom made the flower show organised as part of the fourday Khammam festival an event that could not be ignored. Planting should be done before March 10 to ensure that the flowers were in full bloom by the second week of May. Why else does the lotus continue to bloom in areas dominated by tribals 151 Jharkhand Rajasthan for instance he asked. Children are like little roses that must be given an opportunity to bloom in their own time she observed. The plant is in bloom after eight years at the residence of Dr.M. Jayakar Pandiyan an ophthalmologist who belongs to the family of renowned Tamil scholar Abraham Pandithar on Medical College Road here. About 150 new varieties of roses would be planted and they would be in full bloom by the first week of May. Though there are about 50 varieties of Kurinji blue coloured variety alone would bloom once in 12 years environmentalists said and added that some plants had started flowering in October 2005 itself. Full bloom Stating that the change in the weather pattern would be beneficial to the flowering schedule Mr. Murugan said that as planned about 25 per cent of the flowers would be abloom by the middle of April and all the flowers would be in full bloom by the middle of May. Many youth keen on cultivating green fingers at gardening as the valley is bathed in bloom and families turn buyers for the green gold.