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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
blemish meaning in tamil is தவறு, கறை, குறைபாடு, இழுக்கு

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A bogey on the ninth hole was the only blemish on his otherwise sparkling show as Randhawa fired five birdies 151 four of them coming on his way back 151 to round off an excellent day. Lone blemish He made the only other blemish on the par4 12th where he missed a short par putt after being under a tree on his second shot. One bogey on the 14th when he wandered into the trees before chipping out on the green to miss a par putt was the only blemish for Harinder. Hendrik also had birdies on the first fifth ninth 10th 11th and the 15th with his sole blemish coming on the 16th hole where he was in the deep rough and missed an eight foot putt for par. That costly blemish of being unable to provide a good finish apart Sandhya played a good match as she bounced back on losing the first set and being a break down in the second. My boys erased the blemish winning the title with an unparalleled record we did not concede a single goal nor did any of my players receive a yellow card in the tournament he said. Naren Kumar of Team JK Tyre was second placed with a time of 2.44s and but for a small blemish where he hit the tyre after a sharp turn could well have had a better timing. Ajith Kumar Thiruvananthapuram No room for even one blemish There was a time when parents and students could decide exactly which college and course they were going to opt for after checking the daily allotment list. Singh the failure of control over the Ram temple movement is the other blemish on the party since it formally came into existence in 1980.