blanket meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
blanket meaning in tamil is படுக்கை விரிப்பு

blanket meaning in tamil with example

blanket tamil meaning and more example for blanket will be given in tamil.
A village 10 times the size of Usa it is to be netted up for a year to see whether blanket net provision can make as startling a difference on a bigger scale. Words of gratitude When the young ones appeared at Benz Circle the first recipient of a blanket was overjoyed at the surprise and useful gift. The first step is to wrap him or her up in a blanket and provide an external atmosphere of warmth said the Delhi Medical Association president Dr. K.K. Aggarwal on Tuesday. Cyberabad police are throwing a security blanket over the Gachibowli stadium where a host of VVIPs having highest threat perception in the country will assemble for the threeday Congress plenary beginning on Friday. He likened Indias fiscal position to a persons undersized blanket which left the feet naked when the head was covered and head uncovered when the feet were covered. In Andhra Pradesh the High Court issued a blanket ban on street vendors which the campaign will contest in the Supreme Court. Chennai woke up to a blanket of cold fog on Sunday with low visibility slowing down traffic and setting back several domestic and international flights by a few hours. Water and sewage 151 more than kneehigh on the second street of Bharath Nagar Extension 151 blanket access roads to the interior. High security The budget meeting got underway amid a tight security blanket over Ripon Buildings with police personnel guarding the three gates of the civic headquarters. The greenhouse gases act like a blanket around the Earth trapping too much of the heat that would otherwise have escaped into space.