blackboard meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
blackboard meaning in tamil is கரும்பலகை

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I think the efforts of these teachers will inspire others engaged in Sarva Siksha Abhiyan and Operation Blackboard to learn the skills and eradicate illiteracy in remote areas. The article reminds me of Evan Hunters The Blackboard Jungle about schoolboys in the working class neighbourhood of New York. This is worrisome more because engineering colleges not always get the best brains to teach what with most engineering toppers preferring to punch keys in the cosy environs of big companies to a blackboard and chalk. Creativity in classroom Creativity in the classroom is what we are aiming at says Hema Ravikrishnan who strongly disapproves of the practice of writing questions and answers on the blackboard for children to copy down. Sticking rigidly to the curriculum the teacher drums in the lessons making the students copy down everything on the blackboard so that they can pass the allimportant exams that will determine their future. Rare ability He asked a boy to write on the blackboard numbers from 1 to 100. Some scientists have tried to explain widespread shudders at nails being dragged down a blackboard as a historical reflex to the similarsounding screech made when monkeys alert others to impending danger. These were the observations made by Kaushik Mukherjee Principal Secretary Higher Education while delivering the keynote address on From blackboard to keyboard The changing face of education at the Global Education Training and Information Exhibition on Monday. THE SHORT answer applicable to almost all schools would have to be no. Walk into an average classroom and you are likely to find the teacher copying material from the textbook to the blackboard and the student in turn from the blackboard into the notebook.