black meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
black meaning in tamil is கருப்பு

black meaning in tamil with example

black tamil meaning and more example for black will be given in tamil.
After sand filling and retaining wall construction initially only light vehicle traffic would be allowed over the bridge and after the surface sets in and is black topped heavier vehicles would be allowed the sources said. District Collector Y.V. Anuradha stated that the farmers of Konakondal and G.Kottala villages who were losing their black cotton soil for HandriNeeva project works would be paid a compensation of Rs. Maattu kombaattam is a dance form comprising eight dancers in black clothes with a red ribbon around the waist. To the contrary he also talked about his trip to South Africa and observed that black people were not treated well a point that had eluded several Australian Prime Ministers the MCC the BBC and at one stage the entire English selection committee. According to the reporters family four persons 151 three with their faces covered with black cloth 151 barged into the house looking for the reporter. Latin Americas bestknown modern guerilla left the Zapatistas base in Chiapas on a black motorcycle with a Mexican flag fixed to the back. Industries to benefit The scheme will also be able to provide water to industries like Hindustan Organic Chemicals Phillips Carbon Black and MILMA. They have wound the toe of the bat with black tape which will enable the third umpire to see clearly in slow motion if the bat has crossed the crease in time or not. The black toe of the bat contrasts with white crease and gives the umpire the perfect position of bat they claim. In a bizarre incident a Lambada youth suspected of practising black magic killed his aunt and devoured her eyes ears and nose at Gudunalu Tanda in Hanwada mandal on Monday.