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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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The occasional bark of the barking deer the cry of the jackals break the eerie silence of the dark nights instilling a sense of awe among the visitors particularly those staying in the wooden cottages for the first time. The current leadership of the RSS does not inspire the same reverence and awe as did figures like Golwalkar and Deoras. Devendra trailed by close to 400 points around the half way stage and made a remarkable comeback with an awe inspiring 479 break. The students were in awe of their beauty and got an opportunity to experience the foremost art form of the Orient. The calligraphy paintings were elegant and powerful in imagery The students were in awe of their beauty. People gazed in awe at the spotted brown and black canine breeds while their owners took pride in the attention grabbed by the two Great Danes. Minister for Tourism and Culture Ambika Soni on Monday said every effort should be made to take advantage of the awe and curiosity India inspired among people all over the world with its ancient and diversified culture world heritage sites and the great variety offered to visitors. The depiction of janma kalyanak had the viewers gazing in awe at the birth of the Tirthankara the suchikarma the cleaning exercise that entails delivery of a baby by 56 devis and the indications of the arrival of a great person. We dont know what to do next worried Laxman said while watching in awe a pond being blasted as part of the Save Kolleru Operation. She never showed any sign of panic or awe in such an elite field. In boxing the Indian trio of Jitender Kumar Jai Bhagwan and Parvinder Singh recorded fluent victories over their rivals to breeze into the prequarterfinals.