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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
awareness meaning in tamil is தெரியும் நிலை, உணரும் நிலை

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Titled Kairali Crafts Bazaar the show will also have live demonstration of crafts to create awareness about handicrafts among the public. I made this film with a different theme to create awareness about our temple forms among the common people. He pointed out that Koodiyattam is a complicated form of art as most of the expressions are conveyed to audience through eye movements. Consumer rights protection clubs are being formed in all schools in Kadapa district to create awareness on consumer rights among students Joint Collector Kanthilal Dande said on Friday. He said to create awareness among the people on preservation of trees and the need for growing more trees awareness meeting would be conducted in all villages in Sathyamangalam forest area. Simultaneously awareness was being created among women by organising them into selfhelp groups SHGs. Need for awareness Though Government can enact legislations to conserve biodiversity and prevent biopiracy biodiversity can be conserved only when people are educated in a proper manner. AIDS awareness programme The Red Ribbon Club of GSS Jain College for Women conducted an AIDS awareness programme on Friday. J. The media can play a pivotal role in creating awareness among people about HIVAIDS Jayakumar Coordinator of the Bellary District AIDS Prevention Society BDAPS has said. He was speaking here on Saturday at a daylong workshop on media advocacy for field coordinators and managers organised under the Coordinated HIVAIDS Response through Capacity building and Awareness CHARCA project.