aviation meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
aviation meaning in tamil is வானவூர்தி ஓட்டும் கலை, விமானத்தில் பறத்தல்

aviation meaning in tamil with example

aviation tamil meaning and more example for aviation will be given in tamil.
In fact the Union Civil Aviation Ministry has made it clear that only companies with five years experience in flying will be allowed to operate. THE DEVELOPMENTS in 2005 which has just come to a close have far reaching significance because of the numerous bilateral agreements concluded for boosting twoway trade securing high technology and promoting joint ventures in the oil aviation and other sectors. The KSIE should deploy trained screening staff in accordance with the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security BCAS standards. The Sharjahbased Pravasi Bandhu Trust has urged Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Union Minister for Aviation Praful Patel and Chief Minister Oommen Chandy to speed up the matter in establishing the proposed airline company Air Kerala for the State. He said that that the Union Aviation Minister had then stipulated two conditions for an airline company to operate international flights. The Aviation Minister waived the stipulations required for upgrading airports when Nagpur and Guwahati airports sought the permission of the Ministry. He said 53 years ago the first aviation unit of the Indian Navy was commissioned at the air station in Kochi. Since then the Navys aviation arm has made tremendous strides and honed its skills in among other things shipborne antisubmarine warfare and airborne early warning. Naval aviation has kept pace in every way with the growth in stature and capability of the Navy to fulfil its role of safeguarding the countrys maritime interests. According to sources a chartered aircraft of Deccan Aviation with nine passengers and two crew of an oil company left Mumbai around 9 a.m. After few minutes of takeoff the pilot spotted some technical defect and within no time the tyres of the craft were burnt.