averaged meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
averaged meaning in tamil is சராசரியாக

averaged meaning in tamil with example

averaged tamil meaning and more example for averaged will be given in tamil.
A survey of UK FTSE 100 companies showed that the Return of Equity of companies with women on their boards of directors averaged 13.8 per cent compared to 9.8 per cent for companies with allmen boards. A driver of GunturII Depot VVR Reddy averaged 4.6 kmpl for 20 years but a weeks demonstration has improved his efficiency to 5.76 kmpl. You had a very good run since your first year when you averaged fractionally lower than 40 but since then its always been well over 40 seven times over 50 with a peak in 2003. When he took over as Governor the number of people killed due to militancy averaged 10 a day but this had come down to two a day. To a query on the lapse of policies he said it averaged 15 per cent but there was variation between the branches in the division. While the top six England batsman averaged anywhere between 35 and 70 Indias famed batting lineup cut a sorry figure. This was 12 times more than the funds spent by the TDP regime each year which averaged Rs.87 crores between 19942004. Overall economic growth in the developing world has averaged 4.8 per cent a year since 2000 more than double the rate of growth in high income countries that averaged 2 per cent. Growth averaged 6.4 per cent in the decade to 2000 GDP declined slightly in 2001 but has since then recovered to an average of 4 per cent. Tendulkar who is now playing in England to test himself in match conditions after undergoing surgery on his right shoulder has averaged just 28 in his last 10 Tests compared with an overall average of 55.39.