avenue meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
avenue meaning in tamil is வழி, இருமருங்கிலும் மரங்களுள்ள சாலை

avenue meaning in tamil with example

avenue tamil meaning and more example for avenue will be given in tamil.
151 That Indian cricket finally breaks its obsession with the individual young boys in Zimbabwe find an avenue for their cricketing dreams and the riches earned from the Nike deal percolate down to lesser players Ranji teams and the public better stadium facilities. SAVITRI 92 Wo Late T.K. Venkatarama Iyer Annamalai University attained Sivalokaprabthi on 291205 Dasasthu 7th January at Plot No.9 Rajaji Avenue Annexe Valasaravakkam Chennai600087. The proposed airport is seen by people of North Goa as an avenue for development of the region he said. One fourlane bridge built by DDA near Glaxo ApartmentsMayur District Centre is lying unutilised as the Traffic Police are not permitting a right turn from Club Avenue to move along U.P. Link Road. An example is Avenue Road where road widening that has been planned may affect businesses existing there for several decades even if marginal adjustments to the road width are carried out she said. Jayalakshmi a resident of fifth avenue in Radha Nagar says Earlier one mat was enough to keep the mosquitoes away. Amid the ongoing standoff between the striking lawyers of Tis Hazari courts and the Delhi High Court Bar Council of Delhi BCD has requested the Chief Justice of India and the High Court Chief Justice to meet the council members to open an avenue of talks to defuse the situation. Since the road also known as Rouse Avenue is also home to a number of institutes like Gandhi Peace Foundation one would have normally assumed that the roads and the sidewalks would remain in absolute usable condition.