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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
article meaning in tamil is கட்டுரை, செய்தித் தாளில் வெளியான ஒரு பொருள்

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Article 194 3 in the case of State legislatures and Article 1053 in case of Parliament in effect give them the powers privileges and immunities that the British House of Commons enjoyed at the commencement of the Constitution in 1950 until they are defined by these legislatures. It should follow that such a power of expulsion inheres in Indias Parliament and State Legislatures under Article 105 3 and Article 194 3 of the Constitution even if their procedural rules do not provide for expulsion. 1 of 1964 the Supreme Court of India while negativing the contention that all powers and privileges of the House of Commons vested in the legislatures under Article 194 3 said that some such as the privilege of regulating its own constitution by necessary implication did not. The Supreme Court did not hold that the Indian legislatures do not have the penal power to expel members under Article 105 3 and Article 194 3. Duty is cast upon the Government under Article 21 to protect the environment and the two salutary principles which govern the law of the environment are i the principles of sustainable development and ii the precautionary principle the October 30 order says. Parasaran quoting some Supreme Court rulings pointed out that under Article 74 all correspondence irrespective of the content between the President and the Prime Minister and his Council of Ministers was classified information and could not be disclosed. Article 191a read with Article 21 upholds the citizens right to live peacefully right to sleep at night and right to leisure necessary ingredients of the right to life.