advice meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
advice meaning in tamil is அறைவுரை, ஆலோசனை

advice meaning in tamil with example

advice tamil meaning and more example for advice will be given in tamil.
Despite the Sanghs advice that it was time for younger generation to take charge he did not vacate the position of party chief. The operator instead of heeding the advice withdrew the connections thinking that the viewers have no other choice but to give in to his demands. Atal Bihari Vajpayee the partys Bhishma Pitamaha whose advice was available in good times and bad in power and out of it has formally bowed out. My advice to all freshers is to sit with a friend or visit websites and make a list of 50 questions on the topics I referred to earlier. The deployment of telemedicine facility which enables specialist doctors stationed in top medical institutions to interact with doctors and patients in remote villages and provide advice on treatment of maladies got under way. Early identification and early intervention are magical words for rehabilitation was a piece of advice from doctors. He would be providing strategic advice to the global investment banking securities and investment management firm on economic issues and public policy in India. You should eat good food and avoid falling sick during examinations is her advice for other students. Success can be achieved with the combination of advice and acceptance and an agriuniversity teacher is not the Guru of the farmers but a helper only Gandhi pointed out. The yield was encouraging thanks to the Agricultural Departments advice to farmers on cultivation methods. Meanwhile the police on the advice of doctors forcibly removed three more engineers Udaykumar Kelgikar Umakant Koodi and Shashikant Bhagodi on Friday to the government hospital as their condition worsened.