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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
advertisement meaning in tamil is விளம்பரம்

advertisement meaning in tamil with example

advertisement tamil meaning and more example for advertisement will be given in tamil.
According to sources in the Revenue Department they can start the work once the ESIC authorities made the deposit in the name of Land Acquisition Officer for land cost administrative expenses including advertisement charges. Each capsule of the campaign on road safety and safe driving ends with an advertisement of a sponsor. 151 AP Amitabh apologises Panaji Actor Amitabh Bachchan has apologised to an antitobacco group that served a legal notice on him for appearing in an advertisement showing him smoking a cigar. It had already booked 90 per cent of the advertisement slots and if cable operators did not accept the signals the estimated loss would be around Rs. Bachan had expressed regrets for the use of a film still of his in an advertisement showing him smoking a cigar. With Topalov overtaking Anand in the ranking list the onboard rivalry between the two has attracted more global attention that in turn promises to be good advertisement for the game in the postGary Kasparov era. Balakrishnan observed that the KVB has given Rs.two lakhs against which the Department of Posts has printed one lakh cards bearing the KVBs advertisement on one half of a side. A banner space of 16459 square feet was allotted as advertisement space of which over three companies took 14400 square feet and only 133 square feet was used for Saarang. An advertisement in a newspaper may guide you to an overseas employment agency that pledges all sorts of assistance for a career in a foreign country. This could be done by following a oneyear programme the firms advertisement said claiming that it had no side affects and there will be no exercises.