adroit meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
adroit meaning in tamil is திறமை வாய்ந்த, சாதூரிய, கை தேர்ந்த

adroit meaning in tamil with example

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II 1200m Cat II 5yo over rated upto 75 Spring Dawn RazeenAmpula 58 Christopher 1 Adroit 54.5 R.B. Shinde 2 Ne Tlus Ultra 54.5 Joshi 3 Starry Shine 56.5 Suresh 4. But their capacity to do so is far behind the adroit effects of markets to lavish prizes on those they favour. Rehman believed to be close to the Taliban but also known as a pragmatic and adroit politician praised the mujahideen the Muslim brothers who were fighting for the Muslim ummah all over the world. The adroit free hit that he executed shortly after the break to put Topno in position for a flick in was the high point of the match. Raja dazzles Latching on to a loose defensive work by Hyderabad Sultans Raja easily the best of the Veerans forwards provided an adroit pass which was capitalised well by Vikram. The adroit fingers of students moved through the keyboard with ease and the beginners devotedly observed the nuances of fast and slow beats.