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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
addressee meaning in tamil is முகணரிக்கு உரிமையாளர், பெறுநர், வாசகர், கேட்போர்

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Even as the bomb disposal squad got down to work the railway authorities tried to trace the addressee in Aligarh. Unlike post office staff they make several attempts to deliver a package if an addressee is not at home or if a shop is found closed. The advantage of it is that whether you are in a metropolis or in a village you too can send and receive emails through ePost even without you or the addressee having access to a computer or Internet facility. But the registered letter was not delivered to the addressee and I had to file a complaint at Anna Nagar Post Office on March 16 2005. Details related to booking date of letter parcel money order booking office sender and addressee information or postal savings must be sent by June 22. The typical email often originating from a foreign country would inform the addressee that a huge sum remains unclaimed and could be transferred to the person. The amount has to be transferred to a third country for which the account number and details of the addressee is required. While the stock was delivered to the addressee concerned details not known at Darsi the stocks sent to Kandukur and Tadipatri remained unclaimed. Moreover the Excise officials said the accused lorry drivers and cleaners were totally in the dark on the addressee of the consignment as they were directed over mobile phone from time to time. Through post Hence telegrams meant to be delivered in areas outside these telegraph office will be sent only through post or through telephone provided the telephone number of the addressee is given by the sender.