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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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IOCL has commenced a promotional campaign for XtraPremium 91 Octane petrol which the company says comes with a special additive friction buster. The technology is based on a very small amount of prodegradant additive being introduced into conventional manufacturing process thereby changing the behaviour of plastic. The binder and the additive provide the lowmelting fluxes that catalyse further glass formation in flay ash. In India the use of sugarcanebased ethanol as an additive to petrol is on partially and there are signs of a consensus over Jatropha curcas as the feedstock of choice for biodiesel. The special CR additive in the refrigerator makes it rustfree for many years and the antibacterial metal Ion prevents the growth of germs the communication said. Ramesh Prasads company was also responsible for introducing or importing film processing machines was a pioneer in the additive grading of colour films and the hot film process which resulted in highly saturated prints. Commonly called guzo or tambalang the red seaweed is the raw material for the manufacture of kappa carrageenan an additive used in foodstuff like ice cream sauce ham sausage and chocolate drinks as well as in cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.