addiction meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
addiction meaning in tamil is அடிமைத்தனம்

addiction meaning in tamil with example

addiction tamil meaning and more example for addiction will be given in tamil.
The former ViceChancellor of Mahatma Gandhi University Cyriac Thomas will deliver a lecture on antidrug addiction and antiliquor campaign on February 8. Josephs College Langford Road 6.15 p.m. Narcotics Anonymous Programme of recovery from drug addiction meets St. The volunteers took up the responsibility of providing counselling sessions to those undergoing treatment for drug addiction in the Psychiatry wing. The crime graph has been shooting up besides the increasing cases of social evils such as drug addiction and alcoholism. In this context he cited the example of the soccer star Diego Maradona who lost his fame and prestige which the world had heaped on him due to his addiction to drugs as an example of how an individual could ruin his stardom if he lacked character. Talking on mobile phones inside cinema halls might be something of a habit most Delhiites find difficult to break but some seem to be taking this addiction to a whole new level as one avid moviewatcher found out the other day. The awareness campaign is aimed at reducing human contribution in accidents addiction to alcohol and harmonious dealing with public for front line staff. In her suicide note Geetanjali had stated that she had taken the extreme step as she was fed up with Navins addiction to alcohol which often resulted in quarrels over petty issues. Radhakrishna said that the apprehensions among parents that longterm treatment with inhalers could lead to addiction were totally baseless. de Villepin who has been behind almost every disastrous decision the President has taken during his two terms has become almost an addiction for the President.